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Motor Vehicle Registration & Reminder Services in Edmonton & Calgary

To protect your personal information, most MV services require clients to appear in person at our counter. It is important that we ensure that only you can modify or update your vehicle information, personal or address information and only you can pose for your picture for your licence/ID Card.

PLEASE NOTE: Government will NO LONGER be sending out reminder notices to Albertans to renew your licence plates or driver’s/identification Cards! Please click on our e-Reminder service link to get a free text or email reminder link above to renew!

Renew Early and Avoid Waiting in Line!
Please remember, for licence plate renewals, come in early to avoid month-end, last-minute lineups, and remember to bring your proof of insurance (pink card) for licence plate registrations AND renewals as we are required to annually confirm that you have valid insurance on your vehicle.

Driver’s licence and identification card renewals occur on your birthday or permit anniversary instead of month end. We open at 7:30 a.m. to help you avoid any daytime lineups!

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