Corporate registry Edmonton, group meeting

Corporate Registry in Edmonton

Our Edmonton corporate registry, CORES was developed in February of 1998 to provide a web-based platform for the servicing of Alberta corporations. The Province of Alberta entrusted this very important service to private agents to provide services directly to the public for the formation, maintenance, continuance and out of Alberta and/or the revival of old corporations. Accu-Search Inc. is known for having the most qualified staff in our field. Many staff members are at least CORES Level 1 accredited for basic corporate services like annual returns, trade name and partnership declarations among others.

Our Edmonton and Calgary offices combined have 6 CORES Level 3 accredited experts who provide research/reservation support for naming your Alberta or Federal corporation, as well as the more complex services of a revival, amalgamation or continuance. In addition, we have a number of CORES Level 2 experts who provide assistance in the relatively simple incorporations of companies, professional corporations, limited liability partnerships and other matters.