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Lost in Translation: Getting Your Documents Legally Translated

If you’re in charge of communications, you’ve probably run across problems with translation before. Certain words or phrases in one language are sometimes difficult to express in another language and can produce misunderstandings. Usually, these kinds of difficulties can be cleared up quickly. However, if you have an important message to send to a foreign client or a contract that needs to be in another language, problems can become much more problematic.

We at Accu-Search offer professional and accurate document translation services in Edmonton. If you’ve never considered hiring a professional translation service before, we’d like to let you know just a few reasons why it might be a great investment, particularly if you require commercial contracts, articles of incorporation, franchising agreements or more.

Translation is a more complex task than you might think

Although you may have employees that speak more than one language, producing a good translation often requires more experience and knowledge to do correctly than even a fluent, but not formally trained speaker possesses. Even for fairly simple ideas, the words different languages use to express them may have surprising and subtle nuances that can make a big difference. Similarly, when it comes to technical language, different languages can have different ways of expressing a similar idea that a fluent speaker may not be aware of. Professional translators are trained to handle precisely these kinds of situations.

There are legal implications to translating some business contracts

Both within Canada and if you do business abroad, there can sometimes be complex laws having to do with translation—particularly if any government agencies are involved. Professional translation services will know all the intricacies of how to translate and certify your documents so that they’ll be valid from Edmonton to Beijing.

Translation mistakes in contracts can be costly

We all know that the business world is competitive and everyone is looking for any advantage they can get. Even between business partners, it’s best to have all your contracts as precise as possible, no matter what language they’re in. Avoiding any miscommunication in official documents is the best assurance you have that you’ll be on the same page as your business partners.

Translators know your audience

Doing a good translation isn’t just about knowing the dictionary’s definition of words (though that’s important too). Words have a complex variety of meanings that can change from context to context. Translating between contexts isn’t simply a matter of plugging a sentence into a pre-established formula (this is why online translation software can produce some funny results if you run a sentence through several different languages in a row). A professional translator won’t just know the language you want your document to be in; he or she will also understand the audience you want to communicate with.

If you’re in need of document translation services in the Edmonton area, contact us at Accu-Search today to find out more about how we can help you put your best foot forward with your business partners, no matter what language they speak.

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