Registry Services Offered in Our Edmonton Office

Residents of Edmonton can take advantage of several of our services to satisfy their business needs. Our Edmonton office offers the following services:

Incorporating Companies

Our Edmonton and Calgary offices have accredited experts who provide research/reservation support for naming your Alberta or Federal corporation, as well as the more complex services of a revival, amalgamation or continuance. In addition, we have a number of CORES Level 2 experts who provide assistance in the relatively simple incorporations of companies, professional corporations, limited liability partnerships and other matters.

Alberta Health Care Insurance Registrations

Accu-Search Inc. is proud to be one of many Registry Agents across Alberta selected to provide an in-person channel for Alberta Health Care (AHC) account registrations and changes. Residents of the province can update their existing coverage information, including changes to their name, address, marital status and adding or removing coverage for dependents. Please visit the Alberta Health and Wellness website for additional information and for access to forms that you can complete before coming into the office!

There is no cost for registering or maintaining your AHC account!

Please note: Canadians living in Alberta currently do not have to re-apply for continued AHC coverage, however if you are not a Canadian citizen you must come in to renew your coverage if your Status changes. To renew or change Status we need to see your valid Identification and new Original Immigration documents.

Personal Property Registry Searches & Registrations

All security interests, liens, judgments (writs of enforcement), bankruptcy registrations, etc. are required to be registered on the Personal Property Registry (PPR) System. In some cases, this will determine priorities during a recovery or distribution, and will also provide evidence of authorization for seizure or garnishment, or evidence restricting enforcement, for example, an expired security interest, garagekeeper’s lien or bankruptcy. In addition, this is the main database searched by financial institutions, creditors, landlords and others to determine credit information on debtors.

For more information on the PPR system, on filing your judgment (writ of enforcement) and assistance with garagekeeper’s liens, financing statements, etc., please contact us!

Land Title Searches

Qualified and knowledgeable staff at Accu-Search Inc. provide superior service from the land titles database, municipal sources and through other non-government databases for the following:

  • Legal descriptions, tax searches & certificates
  • Surface & mineral title searches
  • Regular, certified & historical titles
  • Obtaining copies of land title documents, surveys & plans
  • Services available in Alberta, and most other provinces & territories

Vital Statistics Services

Accu-Search Inc. is uniquely positioned to provide Vital Statistic (VS) certificates quickly, usually the same or next business day! (Note that for any same-day delivery, certificates must be ordered prior to 11:30 a.m. that day.) Those include birth, death and marriage certificates. We order the certificates online, and they are subsequently printed by the Government of Alberta during a daily print. Our runner picks up the completed documents and returns them directly to our offices through each business day.

Please note that you must visit our Edmonton office in person to order your own VS certificate or marriage licence. Please contact us for further information. If you reside outside Alberta, please contact Registry Connect directly.

Proof and verification of identity is required to ensure that these certificates are only issued to authorized persons. The Certificates themselves cannot be laminated because they are original documents containing some security features.

Vital Statistics Forms

Note: Forms may open more easily in Internet Explorer.

Marriage Licence
The couple being married must obtain their marriage licence, which is valid for 90 days. Blood tests are not required! However, the couple must each bring in sufficient acceptable identification and proof of their eligibility to re-marry if applicable (final divorce judgment, etc.), and be prepared to swear or affirm an affidavit that we will prepare for them.

View a list of marriage commissioners in your area.

e-registry reminder service

Licence Plate Registrations/Renewals, Identification Card and Driver’s Licences

To protect your personal information, most MV services require clients to appear in person at our counter. It is important that we ensure that only you can modify or update your vehicle information, personal or address information and only you can pose for your picture for your licence/ID Card.

PLEASE NOTE: Government will NO LONGER be sending out reminder notices to Albertans to renew your licence plates or driver’s/identification Cards! Please click on our e-Reminder service link to get a free text or email reminder link above to renew!

Renew Early and Avoid Waiting in Line!
Please remember, for licence plate renewals, come in early to avoid month-end, last-minute lineups, and remember to bring your proof of insurance (pink card) for licence plate registrations AND renewals as we are required to annually confirm that you have valid insurance on your vehicle.

Driver’s licence and identification card renewals occur on your birthday or permit anniversary instead of month end. We open at 7:30 a.m. to help you avoid any daytime lineups!

Court House Searches

Our proximity to the Court Houses in both Edmonton and Calgary means that our Court Runners are able to personally attend to obtaining Court and Bankruptcy Searches, obtaining copies of documents, and filings during business hours.

Translation Services

Some legal documents need a regular or a certified translation. We offer translation services that are accepted generally everywhere for a fee. Contact us to find out the languages we offer translation services for.

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