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Acceptable ID Requirements

In the Province of Alberta, Service Alberta requires us to ensure that clients are able to prove their identity AND residency in order for us to provide certain services. In place for a reason, these requirements are designed to protect the public and to ensure that no one else can obtain your identification card or driver’s licence. Accordingly, we simply cannot provide Alberta identification cards or operator’s licences unless certain criteria are met. Please refer to our list of acceptable IDs below.


Requirements for a new Alberta ID Card or Licence (or expired for more than 6 months)

You must present 1 document from each category:

Proof of Legal Canadian Status

  • Armed Forces or Federal Police ID Card
  • Federally Issued Indian Status Card
  • Valid Canadian Passport (Not Expired)
  • Canadian Citizenship
  • Permanent Residency Card or Confirmation of PR
  • Immigration Authorization (for applicants originating from outside Canada)
  • Study Permit or Work Permits (Must have minimum 90 days left on application of permit) With accompanying passport
  • Canadian Birth Certificate

*If Refugee Status: Refugee Claimant Form, Temporary Foreign Work Permit & Positive Notice of Decision

Secondary ID

  • Provincial/Federal Government ID Card or Licence
  • Alberta Health Care Insurance Card (or Out of Province Health card containing photo)
  • Armed Forces ID Card
  • Birth Certificate (English or Certified Translation to English)
  • Federally Issued Indian Status Card
  • Marriage Certificate (English or Certified Translation to English)
  • Utility Bill or Bank Statement (mailed to home residence dated within 90 days)
  • Alberta Health Benefits Statement

Proof of Residency

Must be dated within the last 90 days(unless otherwise stated)
Must show full name and current address

  • Alberta Health Care Statement
  • Utility bill in client’s name(electronic/online bills accepted)
  • Cable/Home Phone bill in client’s name(electronic/online bills accepted)
  • Paystub showing client’s name and address (electronic/online accepted)
  • Cell Phone bill in client’s name (electronic NOT accepted)
  • Original Letter from Employer on Company Letterhead or Letter from Office of the Registrar dated within 15 days
  • Official ORIGINAL Lease/Rental Agreement (90-day rule does NOT apply)
  • Monthly Bank Statement that has been MAILED to your residence. (Must have a list of recent transactions)

***Print outs from online banking or print outs from the bank with a stamp will NOT be accepted) ***

  • Property Tax bill, Land title or mortgage papers
  • Letter from Educational Institute (office of Registrar) dated within 30 days

Note: If you are under 18 years of age, parental consent is required.

Please Note: If we believe that fraudulent identification is being presented, no services shall be provided. Accu-Search Inc. staff is required to contact an Alberta Registries customer service coordinator, special investigations or the police to report the event.

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