Renewals, Change of Address / Name

Renewal of your Operator's Licence

To renew your driver's licence, you must bring your existing driver licence to our registry office. 

A complete medical report from your doctor is required for 

  • Drivers with a medical condition (Condition Code C) 
  • Driver who is 75 years of age or older 
  • Holders of Class 1, 2 and 4 licences  

If your driver's licence is already expired, you will need to provide proof of legal entitlement to be in Canada (Canadian birth certificate, passport, etc.) as well as proof of your residency in Alberta (Utility bills, residential lease agreement, etc.). Refer to this page for more information. 

Any licence that has been expired for more than 3 years will be subject to passing the written and road test again before reinstatement.

Change of Address for Driver Licence

You will be required to provide acceptable identification (e.g. Canadian Passport, Birth Certificate, Permanent Resident Card, etc.) in addition to the driver's licenceThere is a fee for the change of address service and for printing the new card; however, it may be possible for you to renew your license at the same time, in which case you will only pay a renewal fee. 

Change of Name for Driver Licence

When changing your name, you will need to provide supporting documents your name change is legal. The followings are some examples: 

  • Birth Certificate 
  • Marriage Certificate 

If you have already legally changed your name, provide a Legal Change of Name Certificate. 

A 30 day interim license will be issued. This interim licence will not have a photograph, so it is recommended that you carry some other form of photo ID (e.g., passport) if you anticipate requiring photo ID during this period.