U.S. Driver's Licence

A valid licence from the United States can be exchanged for a Class 5, 6 or 7 when the applicant presents a valid licence of equivalent class.  Please verify the "Date of First Licence" is on your driver licence card.  A driving record/history from your local DMV might be required if it is not on your US Driver's licence.  All other classes would require testing and applicants must provide applicable medical reports and undergo vision screening.  All applicants must present immigration and residency documentation along with acceptable identification (one from each category) and proof of residency as stated below: 

  1. Photo Identification
  2. Proof of Canadian Residency
  3. Proof of Alberta Residency (Must be dated within 90 days)

Some examples of unacceptable support documents are: 

  • Bank or credit cards 
  • Interim/temporary driver's licence 
  • Business cards 
  • Cheque cashing cards 
  • Library card 
  • Financial responsibility insurance card (pink card) 
  • Social Insurance Number cards 

For clients under the age of 18 years old, consent of parents/legal guardians is required.