Alberta Vehicle Information Report

Before purchasing a used vehicle in Alberta, consider getting an Alberta Vehicle Information Report (VIR). 

The VIR gives the buyer information on a used vehicle including the followings: 

  • The vehicle's description, such as year, make, model, style, color and fuel type 
  • The vehicle's current status, such as active, rebuilt, salvage, etc. 
  • Odometer reading (if one was provided) 
  • Registration dates and locations 
  • The number of liens registered in Alberta against the vehicle, if any
    Detailed information will not be shown on the VIR. You may purchase a personal property search for the vehicle if you are looking for more information regarding the registered liens 

Note: VIR can be requested by anyone to get non-protect information about any vehicle registered in Alberta. The report ONLY cover Alberta information and does not include any information from other places where the vehicle may have been registered. 

How to apply for the Vehicle Information Report

  1. Online through MyAlberta eServices Site (MyAlberta Digital ID required)
  • Result is available for download through your MyAlberta services account 
  1. Online through our registry office
  • Result will be available via email within 1-2 business days 
  • Does not require MyAlberta Digital ID