Online Corporate & Personal Property Search

We are pleased to let you know that our online services are not limited to the Alberta province; we provide our services to all the provinces across Canada. This means that regardless of where you are located in Canada, you can take advantage of our online services and complete your Corporate and Personal Property Searches from the convenience of your home or mobile device. Alberta online corporate and personal property searches can be obtained via the link below & the results will be emailed to you after the search is complete.

Along with our extensive online offerings, we also provide in-person and phone-based support at our office by calling 780-424-2340 or 1-833-673-5685maybe add the toll free number as well To further expedite the process, you can visit our Forms page to download and complete a request form in advance, which you can then email to us at or bring along to our Edmonton or Calgary office for speedy service. 

General Information

A lien search involves a request for information from Alberta's Personal Property Registry Information System database to uncover any recorded liens or hindrances against a vehicle, personal property, individual, or business. It's important to keep in mind that the search results will only include information on liens that have been registered in Alberta. 

To ensure that you obtain complete search results, it may be necessary to conduct more than one search, and in some cases, it may be advisable to perform both debtor and serial number searches. 

Once you have obtained your search results, be sure to thoroughly review the list of inexact results before printing them out. If any inexact results appear to closely match what you were searching for, you should request a detailed explanation of those results to be included in the search report. 

Corporate Searches

The Corporate Registry of Alberta serves as a centralized repository of corporate data for currently and formerly registered Alberta corporations, registered extra-provincial corporations, partnerships, trade names (business names), and non-profit organizations. This information is accessible to the public and can be obtained upon request. 

By performing an online corporate search, one can obtain up-to-date information on various types of entities, including their length of operation, address, directors, shareholders, declarants, and more.

Personal Property Search

It is advisable to conduct a search of the Personal Property Registry prior to purchasing personal property or accepting it as collateral for a loan. By doing so, you can verify whether the personal property is already subject to another registration. This search not only helps safeguard the rights of buyers but also protects the interests of creditors. 

Vehicle Lien Search

Prior to purchasing or accepting goods of substantial value as collateral, it is advisable to conduct both a vehicle lien search (also known as a debtor search).

In order to perform a search for liens on property, you will need to have the vehicle's serial number or VIN. It's important to note that the entire serial number, as defined by the Personal Property Security Regulation, should be used in the search. Any hyphens, words, punctuation marks, or symbols that are not part of the actual serial number should not be included. Additionally, only one serial number can be searched per search request. 

Property liens(Any property with a serial number) available for search:

  • Aircraft 
  • Boat 
  • Mobile Homes 
  • Motor Vehicles 
  • Off-Road Vehicles 
  • Trailers 

The Alberta Personal Property Registry Electronic System (APPRES) does not record the amount involved for certain registrations. If the search results do not provide the amount owing, it is recommended to contact the secured party or creditor for more information. 

All information registered on APPRES will be designated as either "current" or "deleted". When reviewing the search results, it is crucial to confirm the status of the information being provided. 

Debtor Search

Before engaging in any business transactions with an individual or business, it is recommended to perform a search on them. This includes situations where you may lend money to or provide services on credit for them. 

An Individual Debtor Search is conducted to determine if there are any registrations for a specific individual debtor name. On the other hand, a Business Debtor Search is used to determine if there are any registrations for a specific business debtor name.