Auto Renewal - Vehicle Registration

Have the peace of mind that your vehicle registration will be automatically renewed every year. 

Fill out the Quick & Easy application form and set up your profile. We will renew your vehicle registration automatically at the beginning of your expiry month. You can choose to have the registration mailed to you or pick it up at our office.  

How it works 

Vehicle registration renewals will be sent for processing on the 1st of the month of renewal and your chosen method of payment will be charged. 

Please ensure that your address on your existing registration certificate is up to date. An address change must be completed in person in our office. If you sell / purchase another vehicle or would like to use a different method of payment for the auto-renewal, please make sure to log in to to update the information. 

If we are unable to process your renewal, we will contact you within 2-3 business days. The followings are some of the common issues that might prohibit our access to your renewal: 

  • Outstanding tickets / violations 
  • Licence Suspension 
  • Restriction placed by the Government of Alberta 
  • Demographic changes (E.g. Address changes) 
  • Other Administrative reasons