Declaration of Partnership

When two or more individuals or two or more corporations engage in business together as partners, a partnership is formed. In a partnership, all partners share both the profits and the risks or debts of the business. 

It is important to note that registering a partnership does not grant any right of ownership of the business name or prevent others from operating a business using the same name. However, registration does serve as proof that the business owner(s) has been operating the business under a certain trade name from a specific date.

Steps to Register your Partnership

  1. Fill out the Partnership Declaration Form. 
  2. Provide a valid Government issued Photo Identification (Eg. - Passport, Driver’s License) 
  3. Complete the online registration form. 
  4. Fee for the partnership registration is $67.50. Transfer of Payment to Accu-Search Registries Inc via E-transfer or credit card authorization form. The registration will take between 2 hours turnaround if paperwork is complete.

Online Registration Form

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