Visitor and temporary residents

Visitors from another jurisdiction

If you are visiting Alberta with a valid driver’s licence (equal to or higher than a Class 5) from your home jurisdiction, you may drive a standard passenger vehicle in Alberta for up to 1 year. 

If your licence is not in English, it is strongly recommended that you carry an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) from your home jurisdiction. You must carry both the International Driver’s Permit and your valid licence from your home jurisdiction when driving in Alberta. 

Canadians from another province

Canadians working temporarily in Alberta can drive using your provincial driver’s licence if you continue to live in your home province for more than 6 months each year. 


Students can continue using your licence from your home province or territory if you are: 

  • studying in Alberta at an accredited educational institution, or 
  • working as part of a co-op program of study 

Temporary foreign workers under the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP)

Temporary foreign workers brought into Alberta under the SAWP to meet labour needs during peak periods are not required to obtain an Alberta driver's licence or identification card. These workers are not classed as Alberta residents.