Personal Property Services

All security interests, liens, judgments (writs of enforcement), bankruptcy registrations, etc. are required to be registered on the Personal Property Registry (PPR) System. In some cases, this will determine priorities during a recovery or distribution, and will also provide evidence of authorization for seizure or garnishment, or evidence restricting enforcement, for example, an expired security interest, garagekeeper’s lien or bankruptcy. In addition, this is the main database searched by financial institutions, creditors, landlords and others to determine credit information on debtors.

It’s always good to search the PPR System before buying or accepting personal property because the search will notify you of whether that property is subject to another registration. Searches also protect the rights of both the buyers and creditors. Accu-Search Registries Inc. can search for a range of information in the PPR, such as individual debtor name and serial number.

For more information on the PPR system, on filing your judgment (writ of enforcement) and assistance with garagekeeper’s liens, financing statements, etc., please contact us!

Online Services

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