Alberta Driver's Abstract

There are 2 types of abstracts that can be requested for 3, 5 or 10 year periods: 

  1. Standard Driver Abstract
  2. Commercial Driver Abstract

Standard Driver Abstract

A Standard Driver Abstract provides information from an individual’s driving record, including: 

  • driver information (name, address, licence number and issue date, etc.)
  • Class of Licence currently held, and
  • current status of the driver's licence
  • conviction information
  • demerit points
  • suspensions.

The standard driver abstract does not show the individual's driving experience or the date first licensed. 

Commercial Driver Abstract

A Commercial Driver Abstract allows for employers to assess safety risks associated with a driver prior to hiring them. It provides most of the same information as the Standard Driver Abstract plus information about Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) inspections. 

However, the Commercial Driver Abstract does not include information about the driver’s appearance. 

How To Order Online

Online Order - Verified My Alberta Digital ID (MADI) required

Once your purchase has been completed, you can download your Standard / Commercial Driver's Abstract from My Digital Downloads on the My Account section. No physical copy will be mailed to you. 

Attention: Initial digital download of this product/service is only available between 6:00 am and 10:00 pm. If you are processing this request outside of these hours, your initial digital download will be available tomorrow at 6:00 am. 


Requesting a Copy of Your Abstract in person 

Driver abstracts can be issued for a 3, 5 or 10 year period.  You must present acceptable identification and complete a Request for Personal Driving and Motor Vehicle Information form (PDF) and specify the period you are interested in. 


Requesting a Copy of a Minor's Abstract in person 

A parent/legal guardian may apply on behalf of a minor (person under 18 years of age), who is not self-supporting or married.  The parent/guardian must supply acceptable identification, and complete a Driver Abstract Statement of Intent form (PDF). 


Requesting a Copy of Another Person's Abstract on Their Behalf 

An individual who is personally known to the driver, who has written consent may apply in person for an abstract on the driver's behalf.  The individual must present acceptable identification, complete a Driver Abstract Statement of Intent form (PDF) and a Driver Abstract Consent form (PDF) completed and signed by the driver whose information they are requesting.  The consent and statement of intent indicate that the individual is requesting it only to transfer it to the driver and will not be compensated in any manner for receiving or transferring the driver’s abstract to the driver. 


Applying from Out of Province/Country (Mail / Courier) 

Contact the registry for out of province applications -

Other Types of Abstract Requests

There are other situations where your information can be released to others, such as employers and lawyers.  There are also specific procedures for requesting your information when you are outside the province.  For detailed information, please refer to Service Alberta's Website - Access to Motor Vehicle Information.