New Vehicle Registration in Alberta

To register any new or used vehicle or trailer in Alberta, you need to provide the below mentioned documents: 

  • proof of ownership
    (a) bill of sale,
    (b) lease agreement
    (c) gift letter,  
  • Valid proof of Alberta insurance policy in your name. 
  • Valid driver's license  
  • New vehicles require a New Vehicle Information Statement (NVIS) from the dealer, and vehicles imported from another country require a Vehicle Import Form from Transport Canada. Please look on the Registrar of Imported Vehicles website for detailed information. 

Out Of Province Vehicles Registration

If you're registering an out-of-province vehicle, you'll need to have the vehicle inspected by an authorized mechanic before getting it registered in Alberta 

Before starting the registration process in Alberta for an out-of-province vehicle, you need to obtain the below documents: 

  • Request form for an Out of Province Inspection Form from the registry office 
  • Complete the vehicle inspection from any Certified Alberta Mechanic 
  • Valid Alberta Vehicle Insurance 
  • Return to the registry office with the documents within 14 days of vehicle inspection 

Requirements for Registration 

  • Valid acceptable identification 
  • Proof of Ownership (e.g. Bill of Sale, previous registration) 
  • Valid and current Alberta Insurance 
  • Inspection Certificate from a certified Alberta Mechanic (within 14 days of inspection date on certificate) 
  • Vehicle Import Form 1 from Canada Customs for vehicles imported from outside of Canada 

When registered owners transfer their vehicle registrations from Saskatchewan, British Columbia  or Manitoba to Alberta, they might be eligible for an exemption for the out-of-province inspection. Please refer to this guide or consult with us for more information. More information can be found here regarding the procedures to register an imported vehicle.