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Driver's Licence

Q. Can I renew my driver's licence or vehicle registration without the paperwork sent out to me by Alberta Registries?
A. Yes! Please ensure you have your proof of insurance with you to renew your licence plates, and acceptable identification to renew your operator’s licence or identification card.

Q. Do I have to pay an outstanding fine before I can renew my licence?
A. Yes, all fines on the system must be paid.

Q. If I fail the knowledge test, may I rewrite it the same day?
A.No, you must wait until the following day to re-write the test.

Q.Why do I need one of my parents to come with me to obtain by ID card or learner's licence if I am under 18?
A.Generally, persons under 18 do not have sufficient identification for a first time enrollment and have not established accounts to assist in proving residency. Unless the minor person can prove they are self-supporting, a parent or legal guardian must consent to the process authorizing the licence or registration. In fact, a parent/guardian may also withdraw their authorization and have a minor’s licence or registration cancelled.

Q. Do I have to wait a certain period of time after getting my learner's licence to do my road test?
A. If you are a brand new driver with NO previous driving history you are required to wait 1 full year before you can challenge the driver’s knowledge test and road test. Clients new to Alberta can apply for a shorter term if they can produce proof of having a prior licence in another jurisdiction. GDL Graduated Driver Licensing rules also apply.

Q. Do I have to pay for my learner's licence immediately after passing the Class 7 exam, or can I wait to get it and how long do I have?
A. After you pass the DKTS (Driver Knowledge Testing System) examination, you have 12 months from the date you passed to obtain your licence.

Q. I've had laser surgery. Do I need to bring you something from my doctor to have the Code A removed from my licence?
A. We would prefer that you had something from your doctor, however we can perform an eye examination to confirm that you no longer require the Code A requirement.

Q. How much does a learners licence cost?
A. Current pricing is $17.60 to write the test. Upon successful completion of the test, a 5-year term licence requires an additional fee of $84.45, depending on the licence class and your age. Prices include GST.

Q. I am in Canada and a resident of Alberta on a work or study permit. Can I get an Alberta driver’s licence?
A. Yes, residency, proof of identification and provision of proof of previous driving history rules apply. Clients in Canada on work or study permit will have their licence term calculated by the expiry date given by Immigration Canada, therefore the term and fees will be adjusted according to the situation. Note, not all countries have a Reciprocal Agreement with Alberta regarding acceptable driver licensing.

Q. I want to write my learners test. What do I need?
A. If you are under 18, you must bring in your parent or legal guardian to sign the consent form. You also need 2 pieces of ID (one must have your date of birth) and proof of address. If you are under 18 and your parent or guardian has a valid driver licence or ID card, you are not required to show proof of residency.

Q. I want to study for the driver’s examination. Do you have the manuals, and how much do they cost?
A. Manuals are no longer printed but are available to download from the government of Alberta website for free, or we can print the manual onsite for a fee. Chinese manuals are also available for a fee.

Q. Do you offer driver knowledge examinations in languages other than English?
A. Yes. You can request to take the computer knowledge test in French, Punjabi, Arabic, Vietnamese, Hindi, Spanish, Chinese and Tagalog.

Q. Do you do driving abstracts and what does it show?
A. Yes. We process a 3-year, 5-year or 10-year driving record. It will show all moving violations for the period searched and your current demerit points. You may purchase your own abstract for$27.60 providing you produce two pieces of ID and complete the necessary form. You may obtain someone else's abstract with their permission evidenced by their written, signed consent form REG3394. Download this form through the Service Alberta website.

Q. What type of payment do you accept for registration renewals, driver’s licence or identification card services?
A. Currently, we accept cash, debit or cheque; we do not accept credit cards. Fines must be paid in cash or debit only.

Motor Vehicles

Q. What type of payments do you take for motor vehicle services?
A. Currently, we accept cash, debit or cheque; we do not accept credit cards. Fines must be paid in cash or debit only.

Q. If you can see my picture on the Motor Vehicle System, why do I need a piece of ID if I have lost my ID card?
A. Policy prevents us from ‘browsing’ the system to find a client without some evidence that you are who you say you are. If you’ve lost all of your IDs, we still need something to start the process, then confirm your image and information on the systems.
Here’s a tip: If your wallet has been lost or stolen, you should file a report at your local police station. The witness statement (with a police file number) can be utilized by us to access your file on the system and the police will be aware of the situation if your ID is returned to them.

Q. Why do I need my wife's written permission to cancel our joint plate?
A. We must obtain consent from a second registrant to ensure the change is, in fact, authorized by the other party. This form is retained and microfilmed as evidence of the transaction. Download the authorization form.

Q. My wife and I just bought a vehicle that was sold in both our names. Can I register the vehicle without her being present at your office?
A. Yes, but only if she has signed and brings in the original vehicle registration authorization form consenting to the registration service. Download the authorization form.

Q. How do I check to see the history of the vehicle prior to purchasing and confirm that it is not a write-off or has liens against it?
A. We offer a comprehensive vehicle history product in CarProof™ Reports. Simply provide us with the complete and accurate VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and we can confirm the vehicle’s history across North America! We also provide an Alberta Lien Search at no extra charge, and can conduct lien searches in other jurisdictions for a small additional fee.
Here’s a tip: All vehicles after 1980 will have 17 digits in the VIN; the 10th digit is always the year code!

Q. What type of payment do you accept for motor vehicle services?
A. Currently, we accept cash, debit or cheque; we do not accept credit cards. Fines must be paid in cash or debit only.

ID Cards

Q. What type of ID do I require in order to obtain an ID card?
A. Please refer to our acceptable identification guidelines.

Q. What do you require to prove residency?
A. Only Alberta residents qualify for Alberta services. Official mail you’ve received in your name at your residence such as a utility bill, bank statement or tax documents, or a pay stub, lease agreement or mortgage documents from a legitimate company/financial institution can be accepted. Please note the mail must be dated within the past 90 days.
Note: A cellular telephone bill is not acceptable proof of residency.

Q. I lost my passport and need to declare a statutory declaration. Do you have commissioners for oaths at your office?
A. Yes! We have a number of Commissioner for Oaths on staff duly appointed by the province of Alberta.

Q. What type of payment do you accept for ID card services?
A. Currently, we accept cash, debit or cheque; we do not accept credit cards. Fines must be paid in cash or debit only.


Q. I’m thinking of incorporating a new company. How much will it cost?
A. We offer a number of incorporation packages. Please contact our specialists for options and pricing!

Q. When I incorporate, can I get my business and GST numbers, my business licence and WCB accounts set up through you as well?
A. No, but we have information and forms to get you started. Business and GST numbers must be obtained through the Federal Government. Business licences are generally available from the municipality in which you intend to operate, and WCB information for Alberta is available here.

Q. Can I file my corporate annual returns through you?
A. Absolutely! Simply complete the annual return form and email it to or fax to (780) 421-1280 with acceptable identification and we will contact you for payment, then return your proof of filing to you for your minute book.

Q. Do you provide NUANS® searches?
A. Absolutely. We have been performing name searches and reservations since 1984 and are consistently the highest accredited volume provider in Alberta!

Information and Vital Statistics

Q. Can you tell me what the legal description of my residence is?
A. Yes, we can perform an additional search of the municipal address of the property to obtain its legal description, which is necessary to conduct a land title search.

Q. I need to confirm what information is registered against my residence. What can I do?
A. We can conduct a land title search to disclose all mortgages, caveats and other instruments registered against the land.

Q. Can I check to see if there are any judgments, fines or claims registered against me?
A. Yes! We can perform an individual debtor search which will disclose any writs of enforcement, security agreements or orders that have been registered on the Personal Property System (now called APPRES). We can also confirm if there are any overdue fines impacting your driver’s licence or ID card if you visit our offices in person and have ID.

Q. I’m going through an uncontested divorce. Do you have any self-help packages?
A. Yes, we have packages for uncontested divorces, will kits, enduring power of attorney and much more!

Q. How can I order my birth certificate if I have no identification?
A. You can authorize someone who has acceptable identification to apply for your certificate as your designated agent. Additional fees apply for commissioning the statutory declaration portion of this form.Your written authorization must also be provided and we must receive all personal information accurately before any certificate can be ordered. Download the form.

Form may open more easily in Internet Explorer.

Q. What is the turn-around time in obtaining a birth certificate?
A. Because Accu-Search Inc. is located so close to where Service Alberta prints the certificates, we generally have them ready for clients to pick up at 4:00 p.m. if ordered before 11 a.m. that day; otherwise, they are generally ready for pick-up the next business day at 4:00 p.m.

Q. Can you order birth certificates from other provinces?
A. We provide certificates for Alberta events only, however we have the application forms for other provinces available at our office. They must be completed and mailed with payment to that province to be processed.

Q. Who do I call if I have a question, complaint or a suggestion?
A. Call our General Manager Dave McNeill at 780-424-2340 first, but you may also contact the Government of Alberta at 780-427-7013.

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